Confronting Anxiety in an Anxiety Driven World

We all have those moments when attending events where we are just filled with anxiety. This anxiety can stem from anything from not knowing where to go, or not knowing other attendees. Events can be a source of anxiety for coordinators and attendees alike. Since, as event managers and planners, we know how stress and anxiety can affect us overall, we should make it a priority to ease some of the anxiety and stress of our attendees to ensure they enjoy their time at the event.

While reading the article, “How Event Professionals Can Help Ease an Anxious World,” I found that the key to minimizing anxiety within participants is communication. While we all know that clear communication is essential to any part of life, clear and transparent communication with participants of the event will relieve some of the anxiety felt. Transparent communication allows for participants to feel included, even if it is information about an issue that has come up. Along with honesty, transparency also includes a timely and quick response time. By being prompt and honest with information, attendees will have a lower level of anxiety and a higher level of trust.

One of the ultimate key elements of reducing anxiety through communication is positivity. Remaining

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positive during all forms of communication will definitely illustrate to the participants that there is nothing to worry about, this will inevitably relieve some of their anxiety. A great way to communicate positivity is through Emoji’s! This added playful element to communication breaks down some guarded walls of the participants as well as adding an open and honest line of communication.

By not showing our own anxiety and stress to participants, it will also help us minimize our own anxiety and stress as event coordinators! I can attest that knowing clients or participants are stressed and anxious is one of the worst feelings of being an event coordinator. I see anxiety and stress relief as part of our profession in this industry.

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2 thoughts on “Confronting Anxiety in an Anxiety Driven World

  1. Wow– this is a cool post because it also made me realize that there is a role for event planners in all sorts of other situations: natural disasters, airports, school standardized test days. I mean, anyplace where something will, has, or needs to happen is an “event,” and having people who know how to manage those in ways that respond to human emotions and needs and anxieties is crucial. Something to think about, but maybe expands post-graduation options for event planners in some ways if we take this into account…

  2. It seems like psychology would be a helpful thing to know about when dealing with people especially in a crisis. There are so many ways to handle situations and as an event coordinator, one must be able to quickly choose the most correct path.

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