Event Management and Planning

My Interdisciplinary Studies program is Event Management and Planning. My program’s goal is to provide me with a wide variety of skills needed to manage and plan many different events of different calibers. I have explored many different degree programs that have been called Event Management programs or had an event managing element, such as Hospitality Management programs. These programs had some elements that appealed to me, but no program had all the elements that I would have wanted in an Event Management degree. While taking these other degree programs into consideration and the diverse education that Plymouth offers, I decide to enroll in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. I drew inspiration from various sources such as the University of New Hampshire’s Hospitality Management degree as well as Plymouth’s Tourism Department. Throughout my search, Plymouth’s Tourism Management and Policy came into sight, but this did not offer an event planning and management focus option. My program is made up of many different elements from the Business Department to the Theatre Department, Social Sciences Department, and even the Arts Department. Bringing many of these elements together to build an Event Management degree was not an easy task, but these elements will allow me to be set apart from others in this career field.

The first department that I pulled courses from is the Business Department. I transferred EC2500: Principles of Economics in from my previous higher education. This course is beneficial to my degree program because an understanding of economics and the economy is useful for any industry especially for Event Management and Planning due to the interaction with distributors. This interaction would rely heavily on that status of the economy with such elements as inflation and recessions. I am also taking BU2450: Principles of Marketing in order to understand the marketing of a brand and business. This course will be beneficial to my degree program because the concepts will help me as a manager and hopefully business owner to understand the dynamics of marketing my brand professionally and personally. Another Business course I will be taking is BU3370: Branding and Marketing Communication. This course will be beneficial in order to understand how to make a brand stand out through marketing in an industry where marketing is the main communication with consumers. The last Business course I will be taking is BU3350: Event Marketing. Although the title is very self-explanatory for this program, I will be taking it in order to understand how to promote events to an audience that will be beneficial to the event and brand. Business and marketing are very influential in Event Management and Planning due to the amount of consumer interaction in this industry.

The second department I pulled courses from is the Theatre Department. I chose some Theatre courses due to their focus on management and planning for theatre events. The first Theatre course I chose is TH2200: Stage Management/Arts Management. This course is going to be crucial in understanding the planning and management needed for a stage production. The second Theatre course I chose is TH2500: Stagecraft Fundamentals. This course will be beneficial to my program due to the knowledge of planning and budgeting of materials as well as design of the stage that will be gained. The last Theatre course I chose is TH3300: Design for the Theatre. This course will be useful due to the gained understanding of the design of various elements such lighting and scene design. Although these courses address theatre design, the elements that are learned in these courses can be easily transferred into the design of any event to be aesthetically pleasing.

The next department I pulled courses is from the Social Science Department. I mainly pulled Tourism courses, but I did chose to take AN2210: Cultural Anthropology as well. This course will be valuable because a comprehension of cultures from around the world is necessary in this industry in order to work with international clients as well as international events. Diving into Tourism course, I first chose to take TMP2860: Introduction to Hospitality Management. This course will be useful in the understanding of the management of hospitality which works closely with event management and planning especially with conferences, meetings, and weddings. The second Tourism course I chose is TMP3100: Lodging Operations Management. This course will be favorable because of such close interaction between lodging operations and event management and planning. This course will give me an awareness of the operations that I will be dealing with during my event management career. The next Tourism course I chose is TMP3000: Topics in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I will be taking this course in the Spring of 2017 when the topic of Cultural and Heritage Tourism is covered. This topic will be valuable in the aspect of the knowledge gained about this tourism due to the fact that most areas where events are held are known for New Hampshire culture or heritage. The last Tourism course I chose is TMP3750: Tourism Marketing Analysis. This course will be important for the insight gained of what attracts visitors to events as well as the understanding of how to make events more appealing. These Social Sciences courses will be an integral part of interacting with others in the Event Management and Planning industry.

The last major department I pulled courses from is the Art Department. The first course I chose is AG2330: Introduction to Graphic Design Software. This course will be important to my comprehension of the vital design information due to the fact that there are very limited graphic design resources in most places, so I will need to know how to use graphic design in order to better the promotion and resources for the events I am helping with. The second course I chose is AG3050: Digital Multimedia Design. This course will allow me gain knowledge of how to use such resources as websites in order to promote and update events that I could possibly be managing and planning. These two element of digital design will help me be more aware of what needs to be done in order to reach a broader audience in the technological world. I also chose a course out of the Communications department. The course I chose is CM3670: Journalism. I chose this course as my WRCO as well as to gain knowledge on how to write about events professionally in order to keep the audience informed.

As established above, my Interdisciplinary Studies program of Event Management and Planning is very interdisciplinary due to the various disciplines I am using in order to create my program. There is a good balance between the artistic and logical management of events as well as the rational management and marketing of events. By drawing from a wide variety of disciplines, I will have a greater understanding of how to manage and plan events from various angles, such as from a business angle as well as a theatre angle. My program also provides me with useful tools to better my abilities as well as to be a versatile element to any team. This program will allow me to set myself apart from other applicants within my career field. Along with pursuing a Hospitality Certificate and Photography Minor, the mere process of building my own degree program will speak about the kind of academic and professional person I am. The amount of variety in my program will also speak about how versatile of a worker I am. Hopefully, the Event Management and Planning program will open doors in every direction for the career I pursue.

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  1. This is beautifully written, and the conclusion really gives me a sense of the broader context into which you will situate this major. It sounds like you are making the most out of your college experience, and that you will leave here with practical career skills even as you exercise your artistic creativity. Love it!

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