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At the beginning of my journey in Interdisciplinary Studies, I was confronted with the news that it was a requirement of the course that I interact in a Personal Learning Network. While not necessarily required, we used Twitter to connect with academics, professionals, and other students in our field of study. I was dreading the entirety of the assignment because it required a daily post on Twitter. As it is now, I do not even check social media on a daily basis, let alone interact with others on social media. So faced with the requirement of building my own personal community through social media, I was terrified.

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This challenge ended up turning out just fine! I was able to follow many people that I would never imagine to have a connection with, as well as people that are in the same situation I am in. This has shown me that making connections gives you support you didn’t even know you needed. I was able to gather inspiration, support and even a venting outlet at times. My “Storify” Personal Learning Network Journey really exemplifies the positive interactions I was able to have with people among my community!

One of the best things about developing my Personal Learning Network was the sheer depth of the community that I developed. I believe that I have really gained useful insight through many of the community’s posts, as well as developing myself as a beneficial part of a community. I have never been more grateful to be required to participate in an assignment like I am of being require to create a Personal Learning Network. I have learned a lot from the community throughout my educational journey, and I definitely plan on continuing to use my Personal Learning Network for my professional development in the near future.

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