Spring Fling: A Collaborative Event

Courtesy of PSU Spring Fling Facebook Page

Every year, Plymouth State puts together one of the largest events on campus, Spring Fling. This is a weekend full of activities that focuses around one big concert. Some activities include battle of the bands and even a rave. To put on one of the biggest events on campus means to collaborate across multiple disciplines.

When looking at the development of this event we can see the many disciplines involved. During the lead up months before the event, management is prevalent since each element such as the location, advertisements, food and beverages, technology, and finances. Management is critical to the success of any event because there has to an overseer of all the disciplines that are collaborating together in order to make the event successful. After management, marketing is another major business discipline involved. Marketing for Spring Fling is essential to the success for the event. If the event is not marketed correctly to the students, then the whole Spring Fling weekend would essentially be a bust.

Hospitality is another huge discipline that is involved with planning such an event as Spring Fling. Hospitality in the element of catering and sometimes even the location in some events. Pertaining to Spring Fling, providing food and beverages might be provided by local venders or even the campus venders, but either way the logistics of how many people need to be fed and what kinds of food and beverages need to be addressed in order to provide a successful event. Another discipline that would be planned out closer to the event would be the technological needs. Technology in this event speaks to the stages necessities such as lighting, sound, and cameras in order to stream a concert on a large screen. Both hospitality and technology are very important disciplines to be considered closer to the event, but are equally as important to the success of Spring Fling as the business disciplines.

Just examining the few disciplines that we did while taking look at Spring Fling just emphasizes why I would like to manage and plan such events. Behind each event is a mass collaboration between so many different disciplines, which can create a very interactive and creative work environment. The interdisciplinarity within this career field condones for a work place that could not possibly become boring due to the many subjects that are constantly passing through our minds and the work. The next time you see an event no matter what size, try to acknowledge the amount of collaboration done behind the scenes.

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1 thought on “Spring Fling: A Collaborative Event

  1. So true! This is why students who work for student groups that put on events like this end up with SO MANY useful life skills that help them when they go on to careers, because this stuff is real work! And real work doesn’t stop at disciplinary borders, that’s for sure… Great post again! 🙂

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