My Interdisciplinary Program:

My Interdisciplinary Program is called Event Management & Planning. I have researched many different event majors across the country and even the world, but none of these programs grasped the artistic side of event planning. Many of these programs were focus on either business or tourism. At Plymouth State University, we do have a Travel & Tourism Major, but it does not have a focus in event management. Through this major, I am able to take advantage of the Hospitality Management Certificate in conjunction with my major. With that being said, I used many of those Hospitality courses within my major. Event management at its core is hospitality at its best, so it would be a no brainer to incorporate Hospitality courses into my major. Along with that chunk of courses, I focused on a lot of Marketing and Communications courses. I found these to be important in any field or industry. Luckily, Plymouth does offer an Event Marketing course, which really focused on the project management aspect of event management. All of these mentioned courses could have easily been found in any other Event Management degree program, but no other program offered any arts incorporated into the degree plan. With that being said, I also incorporated courses from Theater and Graphic Design. Like I stated in my program essay, “There is a good balance between the artistic and logical management of events as well as the rational management and marketing of events.” I have found that each course allows me to apply my knowledge from various disciplines, and also throughout my growing career.

My Applied Project:

My Applied Project is the planning, execution, and management of the Interdisciplinary “End of Semester Showcase”. This opportunity has allowed me to show the application of my knowledge in such an explicit way. My peers and supporter will see all the elements that go into event management from the conception

Event Flier CC’d by Victoria Tobin

of the event through the execution and reflection of the event. In reality, this project just proves to me that I could study event management and planning all I wanted, but nothing could drive home the concept of event management other than actually creating and executing an event. The best part about doing this event is that I get to create an event for the program that has changed my education and profession for the better.

My Research Article:

For my Research Article, I decided to look into the impact that event design has on consumers psychologically. Events typically aim to bring joy to people, but how is that done?

This was one of the main questions I kept in mind while researching this topic. Elements from management such as people management and movement, also, I analyzed some aspects of the impact of marketing and pre-event communications. In addition to very logistical elements of events, I mainly researched the impact of the art and design of events, which would include colors, textures, spatial design, and even elements of lighting, sound, and taste. This research article really allowed me to apply all my knowledge from each corner of my major including all logistical and artistic concepts. Most importantly, the research article instills in the readers the sheer amount of energy each and every decision takes for an event to really be a joyful event.

Reflections & Connections:

As stated above, both my Applied Project and my Research Article allowed me to use all of the knowledge that I have gained from my various, diverse courses into a practical application. Each of these lengthy projects have really helped me bring my Interdisciplinary Program full circle. From the time of the acceptance of my program through the completion of my projects, I have been able to apply knowledge and concepts from across disciplines in order benefit my program and career goals. The action of applying knowledge into other fields has already proven to give me a leg up in my industry, and I believe it will continue to do so.

“With my love of the Interdisciplinary program so apparent, my peers, professors and especially my parents could not dial down my excitement. Each and every person that has thoughtfully listened to my passionate rant about how great the Interdisciplinary program is has noticeably gotten enthusiastic about their own learning whether it be academically or professionally. The passion that is associated with building a degree plan filled with one’s own interests is liberating in a time where academic rigidness dominates. The Interdisciplinary program has helped me as an academic become increasingly passionate about my focus, and I, in turn, swoon over the program to my peers which intrigues them to check out their possibilities as well.” ~ Why Aren’t You Normal?

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