The Beginning of the End

As the end of my interdisciplinary journey within my higher educational career inches closer, I am in need of choosing a topic for my research article as well as for my applied project. Both of these assignments will illustrate what I have learned through my education. I am aiming both my research and project topics towards my major of Event Management & Planning.

Easier said than done, here are my five choices for my research article:

  • Topic: The continued innovation of Event Technology & its effects on the greater industry
    • Challenges of this topic: The topic is inclusive of many elements within the industry. As well as, the event technology is constantly changing so this research will be an ever-evolving topic.
    • Disciplines included in topic: This topic would include the disciplines of marketing, business, informational technology, and art.
  • Topic: Does the design of an event really matter?
    • Challenges of this topic: This topic might be difficult to research due to a lack of scientific based sources. This topic also may face challenges such as contradictory information depending on which sources are used.
    • Disciplines included in topic: This topic would include the disciplines of design, marketing, and business.
  • Topic: The best ways to market an event to all audiences
    • Challenges of this topic: This topic may have very contradictory information, again depending on the sources used. This topic also is very broad, which would allow many different sources, but could be confusing once put all together.
    • Disciplines included in topic: Marketing is the main discipline of this topic, but business, design, and communications are also very important disciplines.
  • Topic: Negotiating Event Contracts, troubles & solutions
    • Challenges of this topic: This topic may not have extensive sources on it already. Another challenge is that the source that can be found may not be relevant to the Event Industry specifically.
    • Disciplines included in topic: The disciplines included would be marketing, business, and communications.
  • Topic: The Event Industry: One of the top stressful industries
    • Challenges of this topic: Again, this topic may have limited sources to draw from for research. The topic may need to expand to a wider industry related stress.
    • Disciplines included in topic: This topic would include the disciplines of business and health.


My research topic will also allow me to better understand certain elements of planning and managing an event. My possible applied project topics include:

  • Project: End of the Semester Interdisciplinary Event
    • Impact of project: This would allow me to illustrate my capabilities to my peers and mentors. This event would allow me to give back to the program that made me love learning again.
    • Challenges of project: Funding for this event might be difficult to gain since it is not the end of the school year yet. Establishing the venue on campus might also be a challenge with this event.
  • Project: My parent’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Party
    • Impact of project: This would be the biggest event of these choices. This would allow me to proudly show off what I have learned and what I can do to friends, family, and followers.
    • Challenges of project: The timeline may be a big issue with this event. Figuring out the event logistics of where, when, and how the event might take place will be a challenge as well.
  • Project: Humane Society Fundraising Event
    • Impact of project: This event would allow me to illustrate what I have learned of planning an event, as well as establishing an event to go towards a good cause.
    • Challenges of project: Gaining the funds and company to implement an event for may be challenging. Dealing with regulations and laws where the event is to be held might be a huge challenge as well.
  • Project: Plan and implement a holiday party for friends and family
    • Impact of project: This project would allow me to put to test all of the information I have learned to this point. This would also allow my friends and family, who have supported me greatly, to experience what I have been working on.
    • Challenges of project: Having funds to create such an event would be a great challenge for this event. The timeline would also be very tight to establish a venue for the event.
  • Project: Develop a “How-to” videos, small books, and charts on planning an event
    • Impact of project: This project would allow all people to have a realistic layout of how to plan and implement an event, with elements such as step-by-step instructions and flow charts of what to do first.
    • Challenges of project: Gather and citing all the correct information might be a challenge. Also establishing an audience may be a challenge.
CCBY Paris Caterers



As you can see, there are many different options, that each have their positives and negative. As an event manager, I constantly have creative event-related thought rolling through my mind. To have the chance to implement some of these thoughts in order to show off the knowledge my education brought me is so exciting! I would love to hear your thoughts on which topic and project would be fun to see!


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4 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. Victoria,
    Hey girl! I find you IDS program really fascinating since I don’t really know a lot about Event Planning. For your research topic I really like your idea, “The continued innovation of Event Technology & its effects on the greater industry.” I feel like since technology is becoming increasingly advanced, it will be interesting to see how it effects event planning. There’s probably always upcoming resources to help with Event Planning too. I could see though that Event Planning could be potentially fairly stressful. As for your applied project, I like your idea of planning the end of the semester IDS event! I’m not sure what kind of venue you’re looking for but I’m sure you’ll find a great space! I also like your last idea about making a “how to video” about event planning, I feel like that could be really helpful to people like me who don’t know anything about event planning. Good luck with everything!

  2. Ok, so your AP is going to be FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to see what you cook up. We have our End-of-Semester event in IDS scheduled for 12/19 (tentative), so let us know if this helps you. But whatever you choose, very excited to see how you execute and document it.

    The RA is tougher for you. It’s a hard field for research, and I worry that all of these topics are great, but not robust enough to really make a meaty paper. Whichever you are leaning towards, you will want to really graph it out in an outline first to see if you can generate as much content as you need to make this feel worthwhile. The tech topic is very cool, but is there enough there? If not, I might lean towards the design topic, since it seems like you could break that down a bit and use a ton of examples… All in all, you are on the right track, but just do some planning at the outset to test out your topic, making sure you can generate enough search terms and articles to get you going…

  3. Victoria,
    First off, I love your major and what you want to do with it. Event management and Planning does not seem easy, dealing with people and ideas in large groups. Good for you. As for you paper, I think “Does the design of your event really matter” would be very difficult because of what you said; there is not much research and fact with it. But, I also feel that this is one that people really know the least about and it would be cool to see what you find.
    As for the AP, I think the “how-to” idea you have is brilliant. That case, people can use the knowledge you share in their own lives. What would these “how-to” pieces be about? The actual planning of an event, or how to get into planning?

  4. I love your topic! Event planning seems really interesting and exciting. I like your research topic of “does the design of an event really matter” it seems like maybe you could find a lot on this topic. I cant wait to see how this unfolds for you.

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