The Passionate Study of Event Management & Planning

The Composition of Celebration: Event Management & Planning Applied Project

We all have had those semesters that just call for a celebration at the end. This is one of those semesters. Every semester with an Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar course, there is an end of the semester celebration which showcases the seniors’ capstone projects, including their applied project as well as their research paper. This important event will be the conclusion of my peers’ Interdisciplinary Studies education. In order to make this time in their lives a memorable one, I will be planning and executing the end of the semester celebration with my gained knowledge.

Last semester’s celebration

The planning and execution of this event will provide a setting for my fellow class mates to show off their extraordinary works. The project of planning and executing this event will allow the interdisciplinary community to observe some of the wonderful programs that we have pursued throughout our educational careers. This event will also showcase to the greater Plymouth State University campus the boundless major of Interdisciplinary Studies, and the extraordinary work that does come out of our department. Lastly, the implementation of this event will serve as a long lasting, proud memory for my peers and their supporters.

Of course, the celebration will take place while everyone is delivering their projects. With this being said, I am planning on documenting my event planning process as well as implementation through a blog post as well as extensive photographic documentation. This delivery of the project will allow my fellow peers and colleagues to observe and understand the entire process of planning an event from beginning to end.

Providing an experience for people they will have a lasting memory of is exactly why I chose to pursue a career in Event Management & Planning. To be able to use my new-found knowledge and abilities to help some of the most influential people I have met, my peers, have one of the most satisfying experiences of their lives is truly an honor. I will do everything in my capability to ensure the planning and execution of this event will not be short of spectacular. This event will be one of passion and enthusiasm as I provide my abilities in order to make my peers’ excited for the future!

The execution of my applied project will be as follows:

  • October 17th:
    • Determine logistics of event, i.e. budget
  • October 31st:
    • Determine venue
    • Develop concept of event
  • November 7th:
    • Establish design of concept
    • Determine restrictions of venue
    • Develop marketing materials, i.e. fliers, posters, announcements, etc.
  • November 14th:
    • Distribute marketing materials
    • Order catering
  • November 21st:
    • Finalize venue layout
    • Gather decorations pertaining to concept
  • November 28th:
    • Verify A/V requirements
    • Finalize event format
  • December 5th:
    • Finalize event elements, i.e. venue, food, activities, etc.
  • December 19th:
    • Execution of event


The Impact of Design: A Research Article of Event Design

We have all attended or heard of an event that has been a complete failure. More times than not, the design of the event space impacts this failure more than we think. The design of an event, including the décor, colors, format, and layout, all add to the success of the event itself. The event design not only has an impact on the success of the event, but the feelings of the attendees as well. The design is increasingly important with the more experiential market we are seeing currently.

CCd by eames052

The subject of the importance of event design distinguishes amateur event planners from expert event planners. Design has the power to make or break many aspects of an event. This research article has the ability to be impactful for others that want to go into the event, meeting and conference industry. This will help those beginning out in event management to understand the importance of the design of their event. This topic will also provide research based facts that justify the impact and importance of design of a space.

This research article will bring together the knowledge that I have gained throughout my educational career. This topic will continue my educational expedition through design in various forms. Design in all elements of life impact people emotionally and physically. This topic will really influence the way design is thought of in the event, meeting, and convention industry.

The execution of my research article:

  • October 10th:
    • Seek out library resources
  • October 17th:
    • Have a substantial list of sources
    • Read 5 sources and take notes
  • October 24th:
    • Read 5 (or more, if needed) sources and take notes
  • October 31st:
    • Develop outline of paper
  • November 7th:
    • Start drafting paper
  • November 14th:
    • Finish draft of paper
  • November 21st:
    • Bring draft of paper to Writing Center
  • November 28th:
    • Add hyperlinks and images to article
  • December 5th:
    • Finalize paper
    • Review links and images
  • December 12th:
    • Final review and submission of final paper

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns!!

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3 thoughts on “The Passionate Study of Event Management & Planning

  1. Glad to read these! As for the AP, I am super happy to have you at the helm of the End-of-Semester celebration (maybe we need a better name?), but remember that a lot of what you do on this will need to be coordinated through Janina, so please make a meeting with her sooner rather than later so that she can be in the loop. She will probably need to handle most purchasing, so it would be easiest to do this online well in advance, otherwise you will likely need to pay for things yourself and then she can process reimbursements for you (which is time-consuming on her end and expensive for you to shoulder in the meantime); regardless, you need to work it out with her. We want to make sure that her overall workload is not increased as a result of your efforts here, since it’s not really part of her job to supervise a student project. I know she is willing to help, though, so sit down together and communicate early (for example, the date and time and location are already set– some of that can’t be changed). But this should work out excellently as long as communication and planning is clear.

    As for the RA, I think there is still a small amount of risk since the topic is a bit more challenging to research than something that’s really geared toward an assignment like this (like “alzheimer’s”), but I think you’ve done a good job rolling out a game plan. Please consider a visit to the reference desk early in your source-gathering, since they can probably help you find more stuff, and finding good material will be the key to generating a robust enough collection of ideas for you to morph into a meaty outline.

    All sounds well here, so set up some meetings, and get going on the research! Excited to see it all pan out!

  2. I think the end-of-the year celebration is a great idea! It may be a little challenging planning the event, but I think it’ll be worth it. It would be a great way to end the year and our IDS journey!

  3. I cannot wait to see what you achieve for your AP! I love that you’ve taken two of your passions, IDS and Event Planning, and found a way to blend them together. I also am in love with your eye for design and how to incorporate that into the event. I’m really looking forward to what you come up with!

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